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LogMeIn adds WhatsApp, WeChat integration to Bold360 customer engagement platform

LogMeIn announced on Wednesday new updates to its Bold360 live chat platform, making it possible for users to interact with their customers via WhatsApp and WeChat.“We are working to add more channels including Apple Business Chat and Google Business Messaging, as well as creating new efficiencies for agents and supervisors who manage these channels behind the scenes,” said LogMeIn’s VP of Customer Engagement Products Yaniv Reznik in the news announcement.We we careBold360 is touted by LogMeIn as an “omni-channel” customer engagement solution that gives businesses the ability to engage with customers on the customer’s preferred channel while providing customer service agents a single platform to manage all channels and conversations.To stay competitive in today’s “always on” environment, marketers will need to meet customers when — and where — they want to be met. That means, making their brand available via multiple messaging apps that can respond in real-time to customer interaction…

Top eight SEO trends for 2020

As new businesses spring up each day, the competition for the reader’s attention heightens. Staying on top of the latest SEO trends will enable you to meet specific requirements that search engines use to rank websites.Google makes hundreds of changes to its search algorithms every year. While most changes are minor, they could affect your search ranking. These are some of the SEO trends I expect to see in 2020.1. Voice search: People search how they speak“Google, can you find the nearest taco place near me?”There were 33 million voice search queries in 2017 alone. Data from March 2019 shows that20% of mobile queries are voice searches.As voice search becomes increasingly popular, more people will type search queries the same way they speak.Notice that most of these search queries are long-tail and very specific? Users want an accurate answer to the exact question they asked.Users who search long-tail keywords are in the consideration stage and are more likely to convert than someone …

2019 benchmark report: brand vs. non-brand traffic in Google Shopping

For paid search managers, developing an effective branded keyword strategy is nothing new. When it comes to Shopping ads, however, the picture gets a lot murkier – Shopping is not keyword-based, and Google only offers negative keywording. Especially in large, granular accounts, the workarounds needed to execute a brand/non-brand split can be quite challenging to implement and maintain.Is a brand/non-brand split worth it?This benchmark report excerpt analyzes brand vs. non-brand traffic specifically in Shopping campaigns to shed some light on this topic. To produce this data, we ran a script to parse brand traffic for 750+ European accounts in eight key retail industries for the period from January 1 to June 30, 2019. The data clearly demonstrates the significance of branded traffic for merchants – both in terms of performance and budgetary planning.Let’s take a look at:Overall brand/non-brand ROAS differentiation per industryAverage brand/non-brand cost share per industryAverage brand…

The Fantastic 5: Emerging strategies to drive conversions & growth

It’s time to face facts: today’s marketing is more than product, price and promotion. To be successful, you’ve got to have continuous customer conversations that are personally relevant at the moments of greatest impact.Sounds simple, right? But many marketers are constrained by yesterday’s technology, data silos and organizational inertia. Are you one of them?Join our experts as they challenge marketers to break through those barriers, and provide five new pillars of customer engagement that will help your brand create more compelling omnichannel experiences, drive conversions and accelerate revenue growth.Register today for “The Fantastic 5: Emerging strategies to drive conversions & growth,” sponsored by Resulticks.

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Keep your LinkedIn advertising strategy focused in 2020

Contributor and SMX speaker, AJ Wilcox, explains in this video how a simple message and focused audience works best when advertising on LinkedIn.Below is the video transcript:All right advertisers. Here’s the strategic approach you need to have for LinkedIn ads in 2020.Use the A-M-O strategyI like to use the acronym AMO, A-M-O for understanding how to attack any sort of social advertising, but especially LinkedIn. So “A” is your audience. It’s who you’re targeting. “M” is the message. So how your prospects see the message. And then “O” is your offer. This is really what is in it for the user, and what you’re asking them to.Choosing your LinkedIn audienceSo your audience on LinkedIn, keep it tight. There’s no reason to target more people than who you’re really going after just because you’re trying to chase some arbitrary audience size.I like to keep my audiences between about 20,000 and 80,000 but certainly, there’s no reason to make that broader if they’re not a good fit. So just go …

73% of marketers plan to increase ABM budgets in 2020

Account-based marketing tactics are set to account for a growing share of marketing budgets in 2020. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of marketers who are using account-based marketing (ABM) tactics plan to increase their ABM budgets in the coming year, according to a study by Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA) and the ABM Leadership Alliance. On average, the ABM-practicing marketers said they dedicated 29% of their budgets to ABM in 2019.The report, which surveyed 196 marketers from B2B technology and business services companies, found that 71% of the companies saw greater ROI within their ABM efforts compared to their traditional marketing initiatives.Majority of companies still experimenting with ABM. Of the marketers surveyed, the largest share (43%), fit into ITSMA’s “experimenting” category, meaning they are beyond “exploring” ABM strategies and are now piloting, measuring and refining their approach. ITSMA’s ABM adoption model is made up of four levels: Ex…