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E-Learning 101: Top 5 Learning Management System Service Providers In India For 2020

Technological advancements have permeated into every aspect of the organizational functioning on a daily basis, by improving the ease of usage, access, and productivity.For easy management of communication, both internal and external and managing the L & D requirement of the employees in the corporate and educational sectors, organizations across the globe have adopted various e-learning techniques. India is no exception when it comes to leveraging a learning management system.Why go for a learning management system?A learning management system provides easy access to control administration, enhances efficient communication, and helps in employee’s keen understanding of the company’s work, data, etc. It offers various significant features as compared to the traditional learning methods. Also, there are different LMS systems available.Below are the features to look for in choosing the right learning platform:1.     Assessment and tracking featuresThe assessment and tracking feature…

The California Consumer Privacy Act goes live in a few short weeks — Are you ready?

The California Consumer Privacy Act – or CCPA – creates strict new requirements and processes for all brands that sell to consumers in California.  Join OptiMine CEO Matt Voda as he explains how CCPA will impact your marketing , including potential problems and accuracy issues around multi-touch attribution. You’ll hear best practices and options to move forward and improve your marketing measurement, even in the face of expanded consumer privacy regulations across the U.S.Attend this webinar and learn:The specific CCPA rights and requirements that will impact all brandsFinancial and compliance risks brands now face – and how to reduce themHow the CCPA will impact common types of marketing measurementFind out how to reduce the financial and compliance risks brands now face. Register today for “CCPA Goes Live in Weeks: Is your marketing measurement ready?” presented by Optimine.The post The California Consumer Privacy Act goes live in a few short weeks — Are you ready? appeared first o…