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Six tools to quickly check website SEO

Any digital marketer knows that SEO becomes more important than ever before. With the advent of new trends (for example, voice search, mobile-first indexing, AI revolution), you need to take control of your website SEO performance from the very beginning and fix any possible issues to stay afloat today. But the big problem is that many digital marketers know a lot about SEO, but they don’t have a clear picture of their website SEO. According to this report, 61% of marketers continue checking and improving their SEO performance and organic presence as their top marketing priority. So, if you want to fit into this 61%, it is high time to take SEO seriously and start tracking your progress.As a savvy marketer, you want to complete more SEO tasks in less time. Whether it’s tracking your rankings or checking how well your web pages are optimized for certain search queries, SEO tools can be a real lifesaver for any marketer.Fortunately, there are many useful tools available online that help…

Get inside the buyer’s brain to boost e-commerce sales

As with any online experience, you need to keep your customers at the forefront of your mind as you architect your e-commerce siteand landing pages. Your goal should be to present prospects with the information they’re looking for at the right time, whether they’re researching a purchase or they’re wondering about your shipping and return policies. 
While you should always analyze all the available data and perform tests to improve conversion rates, you must also put yourself in your customers’ shoes and use that human insight to anticipate what a person needs to make a purchase decision and check out. To do that, it helps to have an understanding of the psychology of human decision-making and purchase behavior. 
For many years, researchers have been working to understand the human brain and its functions, and you can apply their learnings to developing your e-commerce site and user experience. 
Sometimes our mind plays tricks on us as it tries to make sense of the world. The lines (not …

Act now: SMX West best rates end Saturday!

Super Early Bird rates for Search Marketing Expo – SMX West – expire this Saturday, December 21!Act now to save up to $700 off actionable tactics and trusted advice that can help take your 2020 search marketing campaigns from meh to amazing.Join us February 19-20 in San Jose to train on the topics that matter most to your company (and your bottom line), discover new ways to drive measurable results, and return to the office ready to implement them immediately.Explore the latest agenda details, including 60+ sessions on SEO, SEM, and digital commerce marketing — and the just-announced keynote featuring Senior Manager of Global SEO at Under Armour, Dana Tan, and Search Engine Land Editor-in-chief, Ginny Marvin.The clock is ticking: Super Early Bird rates end this Saturday at 11:59pm! What are you waiting for? Book now to save up to $700 off on-site rates… and put that leftover 2019 budget to great use!The post Act now: SMX West best rates end Saturday! appeared first on Marketing Land.

Short-term thinking has negative effects on your cost-per-acquisition budget

We have been engrained to believe that our sole purpose as marketers is to drive short-term return on investment.This approach and belief has led us to deliver results that are less financially valuable to the businesses we serve. As we pursue strategies that solve our orders to “drive leads this quarter to hit our targets,” we increase our cost per acquisition thus devaluing ourselves even when we hit the sometimes unreasonable goals given to us.In other words, we often fail even when we win with short term goals.Across our portfolio, we see clients hit difficult and previously unaccomplished goals given to them by management only to hear their budget will be cut.How can this be? Why does budget get cut even when we hit our goals?Marketing budgets are viewed through the lens of opportunity cost. Short-term thinking in your marketing drives up your cost per acquisition and as cost per acquisition increases, other channels like sales development begin to look more attractive.We think t…

Stock photo service Unsplash launches image-based advertising for brands

Unsplash, the free, crowd-sourced stock photo service, has announced the launch of a new digital advertising offering that will give brands access to an audience of 300 million users monthly, according to the company.Dubbed Unsplash for Brands, the platform is still in its early stages, offering advertising services on a brand-by-brand basis. Through the new service, businesses are able to work alongside Unsplash to publish and link sponsored images to relevant search terms – making them visible to a broad range of Unsplash users and creators.“People want to connect with brands in a way that doesn’t feel fake or forced,” said Unsplash co-founder and CEO Mikael Cho. “With Unsplash dominating the visuals being used across the internet, we could offer brands a positive and authentic opportunity to engage with people at scale, in a way that doesn’t feel like any of the traditional ad products.”Why we careBusinesses rely on stock imagery for a range of purposes – from editorial and social …