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A geek’s guide to managing your email list in 2020

As we come to the close of a decade of unprecedented, rapid technological innovation for modern businesses — and everyday life — email continues to thrive as an essential method of communication.We wanted to know what email marketers are really thinking about as we step into the next decade, so I put out a call to #EmailGeeks on Twitter.You can check out the full thread [and add your two cents] here. Here’s their advice to today’s email marketers.Protect the integrity of your lists. Without security protocols in place to validate email addresses submitted through web forms. Ensure that you only have real people signing up for your emails by implementing security tactics like CAPTCHA codes to protect your list from being overrun by bots. Verification emails requiring users to click a link within the email are another effective — and engaging — method to ensure real subscribers are being added to your lists.These steps are also necessary to protect the integrity of your email lists, your …

Four SEO myths to shake off in 2020

If you’re in charge of managing a website, you’re probably always looking for ways to make your site smarter, faster and more relevant to users so it ranks higher in organic search results. Though, due to the unpredictable reputation of SEO, there have been many SEO myths circulating around how to achieve higher organic rankings.To help your brand succeed in 2020 by optimizing your website for greater organic visibility, here’s the truth about the top four SEO myths.SEO myth#1 – XML sitemaps automatically improve your search rankingsThe XML sitemap’s main job is to help search engines crawl and index the pages of a website. Search engines especially like to see fresh pages added to the sitemap, as it indicates that the website is up-to-date and may be more relevant to online users. The real question here is, does the XML sitemap help boost a website’s search rankings?According to the Google Webmaster Central Blog, an XML sitemap does not have a direct effect on the rankings of a websi…