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Nine voice search stats to close out 2019

From smartphones to smart home appliances, artificial intelligence, voice and virtual assistants are very much at the center of a shift in the way we interact with digital devices. While voice has not yet lived up to its promise, it’s clear it will be an enduring feature of the digital user experience across an expanding array of connected devices.Mobile = 59% of searchWay back in 2015, Google announced that mobile search had surpassed search query volumes on the desktop. But it never said anything more precise and hasn’t updated the figure. Hitwise, in 2016 and again in 2019, found that mobile search volumes in the aggregate were about 59% of the total, with some verticals considerably higher (e.g., food/restaurants 68%) and others lower (e.g., retail 47%).This isn’t a voice stat, but it’s important because the bulk of voice-based queries and commands occur on mobile devices rather than the desktop.Voice on cusp of being first choice for mobile searchAccording to early 2019 survey da…

Content optimization using entities: An actionable guide

They’re by no means a secret, and entities’ role in SEO has been heavily documented – entity optimization just isn’t the trendy topic you might see every time you check your Twitter timeline.We’d much rather discuss less impactful concepts, like whether content within a subfolder will rank better than a subdomain or whether it’s important for an SEO to learn Python (am I right?).But entity optimization should be getting the same amount of press as the other topics and concepts we SEO’s drive into the ground week after week. I want to help us understand why, and how to approach content with entities in mind.What is an entity?Google defines an entity as, “A thing or concept that is singular, unique, well-defined and distinguishable.” An entity can be an event, idea, book, person, company, place, brand, a domain, and so much more. You might ask, “Isn’t that the definition of a keyword? What’s the difference?”An entity isn’t bound by language or spelling, but rather a universally understo…

How Learning Management Systems Can Help Meet Employee Expectations

E-learning routines are being shaped by several dynamic concepts, out of which a prominent one is LMS, learning management systems. It can help make the process of storing and utilizing training data seamless. Benefits are endless when you’ve incorporated a suitable LMS in your workplace to help optimize your ROI and ensure skilled workers.It proves beneficial for all kinds of models that are looking forward to an excellent form of training. This includes firms that work with a large number of employees under various hierarchies. This guide focuses on chalking out the vitality of a full-fledged learning management system to keep up with the employee expectations.The link between Employee Learning & Development with Employee SatisfactionEmployees are to be constantly working towards better targets and goals that benefit both their personal as well as the company’s growth. Organizations tend to train these employees so as to amp up the skill set they reap from the training. This syn…