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The seven elements of a high-converting landing page

If you’re looking to gather leads for your business, you need to have a landing-page strategy. To see the greatest return on their investment, businesses need to build effective landing pages, then test and optimize them to maximize conversion rates.This guide from SharpSpring is written for any marketer looking to initiate or improve their landing page strategy. It will guide you through everything you need to know to allow you to create and optimize landing pages for your website.Download your copy to find out:What does a great landing page look like?The seven elements of a high-converting landing pageTesting & optimizing: Why your landing pages are never ‘done.’Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “Creating Landing Pages That Convert.”The post The seven elements of a high-converting landing page appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Amazon makes it easier for agencies to advertise on their clients’ behalf

Amazon has changed the registration process for agencies and marketers running sponsored ads campaigns for Amazon vendors.What’s changed? Agencies no longer have to submit vendor codes when registering nor wait for approval from Amazon to set up new advertising accounts. Now, agencies simply need the approval of the authorized Vendor Central account holder (their client) to register a new advertising account.How to register a new account. If you don’t have an account yet, and you’re going to be advertising on behalf of an Amazon vendor, click “Register” and then choose “I represent a vendor.” After you fill in the account details, Amazon will either send you an email with instructions for requesting client approval or send an email directly to the client contact if you provide the appropriate email address. It will need to go to the contact who manages the vendor retail relationship with Amazon via Vendor Central. Once the contact approves the request, you’ll be cleared to advertise.W…