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Google Analytics glitch in an ad-filled internet

Ad blockers are a constant of the internet, but what does that mean for us? After comparing two different sources for one KPI, I noticed a significant difference. This piece covers the observations made about the Google Analytics glitch.A strange disparityWhilst collecting our monthly KPIs I came across an interesting error.One of our KPIs, demo requests, which we track in two ways – with Google Analytics events and through a custom Zapier integration that inserts the prospects’ details into a Google Sheet and our internal Attio account.After comparing the two datasets, I noticed a significant difference in the month’s numbers. The number of requested demos on our Google Sheet was 22% higher than the number of recorded demo requests on Google Analytics.Unfortunately, it’s not possible to tell which demo requests weren’t recorded due to the Google Analytics glitch but we can say for certain that a significant proportion of this month’s demo requesters were somehow subverting Google Ana…

3 tips to elevate your brand’s email program

It’s easy to find yourself bogged down in the day-to-day rush of developing and sending email campaigns. Implementing a few simple processes can help your team identify efficiencies and opportunities you might not see when you are in the weeds.Subscribe to your own emails. Mary Sohn, a member of the industry group Women of Email, recommended in its private Facebook Group to audit your subscription process at least annually. Going through the process of signing up for your own emails allows you to experience it from the user’s perspective.Designate representatives from other departments to participate in an annual audit of the subscribing process as well. Their perspectives may help identify gaps in your email campaigns and journeys.Look for API solutions. Are there new API integrations available that could help automate and speed up some of your processes? Women of Email member and marketing manager for demand generation at Advisor Group Jenn Clauss says email marketers should look fo…

How to utilize holiday season traffic for 2020’s Q1 growth

Q4 is the most competitive time period for ecommerce businesses, deals and promotions offered to capitalize on holiday season traffic bring hordes of potential purchasers to your site.One of the most valuable groups of users that comes out of the holiday season is net-new users, who could have found out about the product from an ad, friend, influencer, or some other referral. These users are more expensive to acquire because they have no knowledge of the brand, so they need more touchpoints when compared to your current customers.Whether or not you convert those new users into customers in Q4, convincing them to be long-term customers should be an important part of your Q1 strategy. In this post, I will walk through the value of some of these different holiday audiences and how to engage with them in Q1 to turn them into paying customers.Holiday audiencesOften, the largest and best-converting Q4 audiences are current customers who are loyal to the brand and looking for some type of di…