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The major deals and integrations that shaped technology for markters in 2019

At the start of 2019, martech expert Scott Brinker predicted it would be a buyer’s market for marketing tech merger and acquisition deals, ahead of what will be a “Second Golden Age of Martech.” Brinker’s forecast was spot-on with the martech industry seeing 246 mergers and acquisitions in the first half of 2019 alone, according to Statista — a dramatic increase from the 162 over the same period in 2018.It wasn’t only software companies taking part in the martech M&A deals — this year we saw a trend of brands scooping up martech solutions as well. In March, McDonald’s bought Dynamic Yield to personalize digital experiences across its drive-thrus, kiosks and mobile app. A few months later, Nike bought the predictive analytics platform Celect to help forecast how and when consumers purchase certain styles.While brands were picking up martech solutions to broaden their digital capabilities, social platforms also invested in their fair share of marketing technology: LinkedIn acquired …

Pop-up ads: Why everyone hates them and why they’ll never die

“I love pop-up ads,” said nobody…ever. Pop-up ads have to be one of the most universally hated parts of online marketing. They’re annoying, interruptive and distracting. In fact, they’re so generally loathed that their inventor, Ethan Zuckerman, has apologized publicly for creating them.So why do we as marketers keep using them?Although Zuckerman’s original windowed display ads have gone out of vogue, pop-up ads are everywhere on the internet. And their most prevalent form? On-site pop-up ads.Now, some companies have tried to rebrand these sorts of pop-up ads using fancy titles like “exit overlays,” but at the end of the day, a pop-up ad is still a pop-up ad. It pops up on the user’s screen, hijacks their experience and bugs the heck out of people.But here’s the thing. There’s a reason why pop-up ads are still so commonly used. They work. Quite well, in fact. The problem with pop-up ads isn’t necessarily that the ads themselves are bad, it’s that most marketers don’t know how to use t…