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Quantum supremacy and nine SEO trends that’ll flip 2020 on its head

Get ready because SEO trends will undergo revolutionary changes in 2020. Make sure you are on the side that embraces this revolution, rather than the one that resists it.Google has achieved “Quantum Supremacy”, this means that they have built a quantum computer capable of performing tasks that would take modern-day supercomputers 10’s of thousands of years to accomplish.In 2020 Google will start using these new breakthroughs for commercial purposes. This will make Google’s search algorithm exponentially more powerful since the quantum processor is fully programmable and can run general-purpose quantum algorithms and machine learning applications.I know, scary, right.Quantum Supremacy might affect SEO in several ways:Making search more relevantNew tactics to overcome black hat SEOLightning fast and reactive algorithmic updatesRankings that are truly based on relevancy and merit of website content (instead of backlinks) Dramatically change Google Image search resultsThis is just one asp…