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Showing posts from January 7, 2020

Five simple content marketing trends for 2020

How can you improve your content marketing strategy in 2020? Here are five simple and useful content marketing trends to follow in the new year.We’ve welcomed 2020 and it’s the perfect time to start thinking of the best way to maintain a successful content marketing strategy over the next 12 months.New channels, tactics, and trends emerge every day but the challenge is to decide on the ones that you want to include to your own strategy.There are many posts that focus on the latest big trends and how you could revolutionize your tactics for 2020. We’ve decided to go back to basics to review how simple tactics and trends that can improve your content success.1. Focus on the experienceIt’s not enough to increase the frequency of your blogs to improve your content marketing success. In a digital world full of new content, the challenge is to stand out from your competitors.A good way to achieve success is to focus on the experience. Your content should be relevant and informative but it s…

IBM launches new predictive ad solution for campaign creative elements

IBM has released its “Advertising Accelerator with Watson,” a predictive ad solution that uses AI to determine which creative elements will deliver the best engagement for specific audiences and help identify new audience segmentation opportunities. It can also analyze campaign results based on the creative and audience perspective.Why we careIBM’s latest AI-powered solution, built on the Watson platform, has been designed to deliver hyper-personalized ad creative. Having the ability to deliver creative that resonates with specific audiences based on a predictive model could eliminate much of the guess work and testing that comes with determining which creative elements will drive the most engagement.“Matching creative iteration with audience segment is the next step in campaign optimization,” said Lending Tree’s Senior Director of Marketing Josh Eldridge. Lending Tree and Potential Energy Coalition are two brands that have confirmed they will be implementing a beta of IBM’s Advertisi…

PubMatic’s Identity Hub offers ID management solution in face of growing privacy regulations

PubMatic has released a new Identity Hub as part of its Prebid User ID module. The enterprise identity management solution gives publishers the ability to manage multiple IDs for each ad impression, ensuring advertisers can recognize and bid on their intended audiences.The newly launched Identity Hub directly integrates with existing partners of PubMatic’s Prebid User ID module, including IAB DigiTrust, The Trade Desk Unified ID, ID5, LiveIntent and five other major ID solutions. The integration also offers built-in analytic capabilities to measure the incremental value of each partner ID platform.Why we careAs third-party cookies are becoming a thing of the past in the face of privacy regulations like GDPR, and now CCPA, publishers must find new ways to connect advertisers with their targeted audiences.“By extending open-source code from Prebid, PubMatic’s Identity Hub addresses this challenge by simplifying the use of multiple IDs in an intuitive, easy-to-manage solution,” said PubM…