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LiveRamp sheds location data business

In 2016 LiveRamp paid roughly $140 million for two companies, Arbor and Circulate, that helped the company improve “people based marketing” and deterministic identity resolution. Last quarter, according to AdExchanger, it divested the location-data component of Arbor.Arbor and Circulate became part of LiveRamp’s omnichannel, IdentityLink identity resolution tool. Location data was a component of that omnichannel ID resolution.Companies didn’t really want to talk about it. Location intelligence company Cuebiq, reportedly acquired the location-data portion of Arbor, together with the clients of that business. However, LiveRamp said it was retaining the part of Arbor that enables the company to match first-party data and mobile app data.I reached out to both companies to determine whether CCPA or increasing privacy concerns motivated the sale, as the AdExchange piece suggests. Neither company was willing to get on the phone but provided statements in email.LiveRamp CEO Scott Howe said, “…

Traffic. Conversions. Sales. Attend Search Marketing Expo.

Make 2020 the year you take your search marketing campaigns — and career — to new heights. Attend Search Marketing Expo – SMX West – for the actionable tactics you need to drive more awareness, traffic, conversions, and sales. Join us February 19-20 in San Jose!The all-new agenda features 85+ sessions organized into three lanes with no limits: SEO, SEM/PPC, and digital commerce marketing. Keep reading for the big (read: 3,000 words big!) preview of everything in store, choose your ideal pass, and book now to save up to $450 off on-site rates!Kickoff Keynote: The Rise of Digital Commerce Marketing Is Reshaping Search MarketingDigital commerce is hot and it’s being driven by advertising and organic optimization across third-party platforms like Amazon and Walmart, search engines Google and Bing, and social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.Search Engine Land Editor-in-Chief, Ginny Marvin, and Dana Tan, Global SEO Manager at Under Armour will bring the digital com…

How voice assistants like Alexa can help marketers reach elderly Americans

The baby boomer generation placed smartphones in the hands of the millennial generation and younger generations. As the baby boomers enter the retirement stage of life, they’re not quite up-to-speed on all the great things that technology can do for them.Part of the reason for that is that they’re just not as familiar with all the things technology can help them with. Elderly people have a low frustration tolerance for learning how technologies work which is a big reason why voice assistants like Alexa are catching on with this audience.With devices like Amazon Alexa or Google home, they simply speak their request and the device responds. No swiping or clicking required.Voice-first technology is a game-changer for seniorsA San Diego pilot project conducted by Davis Park, the executive director for Front Porch Center for Innovation and Wellbeing, set up an Alexa system in a retirement community with 50 residents where most residents were over 80 years old and observed the results.About…

Revisiting 2019 – Simplicity is The Ultimate Sophistication!

There are only 52 weeks in a year, and even if we live a life for 70-years, it would be only 3640 weeks. Out of these 3640 weeks, I have already completed 1700+ weeks. So, to be precise, I have close to 2000 weeks left to contribute my life for achieving my goals, my family […]Revisiting 2019 – Simplicity is The Ultimate Sophistication! is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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Salsify teams up with Snap36 to support 360-degree product images on

Product experience management (PXM) platform Salsify and e-commerce image provider Snap36 have announced a partnership that integrates the companies’ technologies and supports 360-degree — also called “spin” — image integration on Walmart is one of the first retailers to implement 360-degree product images across its entire site.Why we careThe Salsify platform allows marketers and e-commerce managers to manage their online inventory across a number of sites in the e-commerce ecosystem — including Amazon, BJ’s, Shopify and Walmart— from a centralized platform. One of its key features is its searchable digital asset manager (DAM), which automates asset needs such as resizing, renaming and reformatting images.A 2019 consumer research report published by Salsify found that consumers want an average of six images and at least two videos to accompany each product. The partnership with Snap36 seeks to address consumer needs by offering 360-degree product images that enable consu…

Twitter launches Promoted Trend Spotlight – a new takeover ad unit in the Expore tab

Twitter announced the launch of a new takeover ad unit called the Promoted Trend Spotlight on Monday. The format, which Twitter first started testing in 2018, enables advertisers to take up “premium real estate” in the top section of Twitter’s Explore tab.Here’s what it looks like:How it works. Much like Twitter’s Promoted Trend ads (which appear as 24-hour takeover ads on Twitter’s Trends list), the Promoted Trend Spotlight supports 6-second videos and GIFs as well as static images. These ads appear at the top of the Explore tab for the first two visits, per user, per day. After the ad is viewed twice, the placement moves to the standard ‘Promoted Trend’ placement and organic editorial content is pushed back into the Spotlight placement. Advertisers can further optimize messaging by switching up the creative throughout the day. The ad is optimized for both mobile and desktop, with the ad running edge-to-edge on mobile.Promoted Trend Spotlight ads are currently available to all advert…