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Count the Number of Words and Characters in a Google Document

If you were to count the nubmer of words and characters in a Google Document, open the document, go to the Tools menu and choose Word Count. That’s a good option for counting words in a single document manually but what if you have a folder of files in Google Drive, say student assignments, and wish to know the words or characters per document.That’s where Google Apps Script can help.Go to Tools > Script Editor and paste the code to programmatically get the word count of any document in Google Document. You can either provide the document ID to the function or it will use the currently opened document.functiongetWordCount(fileId){constSEPARATOR=' ';const document = fileId ? DocumentApp.openById(fileId): DocumentApp.getActiveDocument();const text = document.getBody().getText();const words = text.replace(/\s+/g,SEPARATOR).split(SEPARATOR);const characters = words.join(''); Logger.log("Word Count: "+ words.length); Logger.log("Character Length: &…

Pinterest taps market research firm IRI to measure offline sales lift

A little over two years ago, Pinterest announced a partnership with IRI, the global market research company, to measure the impact of ad campaigns on in-store sales lift. While it’s apparently taken until now to fully implement, now that the capabilities are in place, advertisers will soon be able to determine which campaigns and creatives drove actual offline sales.Offline measurement needed for 360-degree view of a campaign. The partnership between Pinterest and IRI isn’t new. Indeed, it’s becoming more common for sophisticated marketers to enlist some form of offline tracking, but it’s a tactic that’s still underutilized.Digital advertising is responsible for influencing trillions of dollars in offline transactions. But that impact isn’t captured by traditional digital analytics, which means businesses that sell products or services offline have only a fragmentary view of their customers and shopping behaviors. It’s one of the reasons Google implemented offline conversion tracking

Social shorts: Instagram tests web DMs, TikTok explores curated content streams, Pinterest passes Snapchat in users

This collection of social media marketing and new hire announcements is a compilation of the past week’s briefs from our daily Marketing Land newsletter.Click here to subscribeand get more news like this delivered to your inbox every morning.Instagram DMs, Pinterest beats Snapchat and TikTok looks to change its content streamInstagram tests DMs on the web.Instagram is finally testing the ability to direct message users on its desktop version. As of yesterday, Instagram began testing the feature on a small percentage of the platform’s global users, who are now able to access their DMs from Instagram’s website. The new feature could be a major win for businesses and influencers who already use Instagram’s desktop version during the workday, and will help round out the app’s experience across devices. While the feature is only a test for now, the company said it will provide more details on a potential wider rollout in the future.Pinterest eclipses Snapchat in users. In 2019, Pinterest s…