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Merkle launches digital advertising solution for retailers to monetize their customer data

This month, performance marketing agency Merkle launched New Stream Media, a service aimed at helping retailers develop and support media programs to monetize their customer data and sell advertising on and off of their own websites.The need. The offering stemmed from the “consistent conversations around data” that Merkle found it was having with its retail clients, which account for roughly a quarter of the agency’s client roster. “We saw a need to help retailers understand the value of their data and have consideration of the consumer along the way,” Emily Kramer, VP of New Stream Media. “We don’t want retailers to be providing data without context or consideration for their own business.”Co-op and cross-channel media programs. “From a retailer perspective, you have relationships with your merchants largely as a result of shopper dollars committed to the retailer,” Kramer said, but New Stream Media also considers brands’ promotional media efforts. For example, when a brand wants to …

SEO and SMEs: Q&A with Chris Rodgers, Founder and CEO of Colorado SEO Pros

The year is still new and running an SME in 2020 isn’t getting any easier. While there’s so much that founders, CEOs, and fellow C-suite need to juggle and struggle with, SEO is yet another running goal added to this list. We caught up with Chris Rodgers, Founder and CEO of Colorado SEO Pros to talk about the conundrum of SEO and SMEs, challenges, trends, user behavior, voice search, and lots more – a chat you can not afford to miss.SEW: 2020 will see or shall we say, “hear” 50% of search queries in “voice” – How should small and local businesses – make themselves more visible on Google?Chris Rodgers: Voice search is dramatically changing the way people search for information but not necessarily the information they are seeking. A few years back Google introduced the concept of micro-moments. Google defines a micro-moment as “an intent-rich moment when a person turns to a device to act on a need – to know, go, do, or buy”. These needs have not changed, but what we are seeing is that i…

Build Brand Humanity by mastering empathy at scale

But putting humanity into action is easier said than done. Technology can help businesses forge more human connections between consumers and the brands they love. That’s why Braze commissioned two powerful studies conducted by Forrester Consulting to dig deeper into this important topic.Join guest speaker Dipanjan Chatterjee, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Sara Spivey, CMO at Braze, as they discuss the latest Brand Humanity research findings. You will learn what actions businesses can take to express brand humanity, and which skills and tools brilliant brands rely on to deliver memorable experiences that produce tangible results.Don’t miss this webinar! Register today for “Build Brand Humanity by Mastering Empathy at Scale,” presented by Braze.The post Build Brand Humanity by mastering empathy at scale appeared first on Marketing Land.

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