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Showing posts from February 1, 2020

New MarTech Today guide to Google Shopping, Amazon, and more

As the websites of retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target become not only distribution channels, but also marketing channels, many campaign management software vendors are adding functionality that allows marketers to extend their campaigns to these new platforms.MarTech Today’s “Digital Commerce Advertising Management Platforms – For Amazon, Google Shopping and Beyond examines the market for digital commerce advertising management platforms and the considerations involved in implementation. The 56-page report reviews this growing market, plus the latest trends, opportunities and challenges.Also included in the report are profiles of 19 digital commerce advertising management platform vendors, pricing information, capabilities comparisons and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.If you’re considering tools for digital commerce campaign management, this report can help you your next steps. Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “Digital Commerce Advertising Management…

Social shorts: Dark mode comes to TikTok, Facebook rolls out new tool to give users more privacy

This collection of social media marketing and new hire announcements is a compilation of the past week’s briefs from our daily Marketing Land newsletter.Click here to subscribeand get more news like this delivered to your inbox every morning.Dark mode comes to TikTok, Twitter’s Flight School gets a new look, Facebook promotes misinformation about Australia fires TikTok gets dark mode. Dark mode is becoming something of a staple for most social apps these days. Now, TikTok is testing the new setting for low light situations. The option, which is available to select test users, can either attempt to match your device settings when you have dark mode activated or can be manually turned on at any time. Welcome to the dark side, TikTok.Twitter revamps its training platform. This week, Twitter rolled out a new look for its ‘Flight School‘ education platform. The offering provides free courses in various aspects of Twitter literacy with a larger focus on Twitter ads’ best practices and tips.…

How evolving risks and consumer distrust will shape digital marketing in 2020

Against a backdrop where competition is as fierce as it’s ever been, digital marketing teams are increasingly seeking out new strategies to drive awareness and brand engagement. Brands are also prioritizing control of their brand experience and deploying defensive strategies to protect their organization from competitors and the inherent uncertainty that comes with being online.With that in mind, here are five key factors that will impact the decisions that digital marketing leaders make in 2020.1. As consumer skepticism grows, affiliates will play an even more vital role in the marketing mix.While there are several factors fueling the recent growth we are witnessing in the affiliate industry, one is the erosion of brand loyalty. With the internet making it easy for consumers to gather information and purchases from any brand around the globe, the idea of consumer loyalty is but a memory.Exacerbating things is the fact that the term “Fake News” has evolved beyond the media into the bu…