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Quora adds features to help advertisers measure and attribute conversions more accurately

Quora on Wednesday announced two new features in its ad platform designed to help advertisers measure and attribute conversions: Advanced Match and Conversions Windows.Advanced match. This new tool allows advertisers to modify the Quora Pixel code to match secure, hashed emails with more website conversions from Quora Ads. The major benefit is that advertisers will be able to better follow conversion actions across multiple devices when there is no tracking cookie present. Here’s how it looks in Quora’s Ads Manager:Source: Quora.Conversion windows. To give businesses a better understanding of their customer journeys, Quora’s new Conversion Windows allows advertisers to indicate how long after an ad interaction a conversion can be counted.Advertisers can indicate a 1-90 day click-through or a 1-30 day view-through. If advertisers choose not to specify the conversion windows, Quora’s current defaults of a 28-day click-through, 1-day view-through will apply.Why we care. The ‘Advanced Mat…

Four key email marketing practices to lead your business into 2020

Even though marketing has changed quite a bit over the past decade as new channels and strategies have opened up, there is one method that remains just as effective as ever – email marketing.Email marketing averages a 3800% ROI for both B2C and B2B companies, and 80% of businesses find that it directly correlates to higher business retention, too. However, email marketing has not stayed completely the same over the past few years and companies will need to adjust to stay relevant in 2020.For example, in 2020, the vast majority of emails will be opened on mobile devices as opposed to desktops or webmail apps.Source: LitmusBut, there are other changes and trends that marketers need to be aware of to keep their email marketing engaging and fresh as we enter a new decade.Let’s break down the best practices that businesses should be using as they transition their marketing strategies for the new year.1. Embrace the concept of smart permission-based advertisingEmail marketing used to be sor…

Justice Department homing in on Google Ad Manager in antitrust probe

The U.S. Justice Department (DOJ) is talking with multiple publishers and ad-tech companies as it scrutinizes Google’s third-party ad tools, as part of the DOJ’s antitrust investigation, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. Companies the DOJ has reached out to include the New York Times, Gannett, Condé Nast, Oracle, Yelp and DuckDuckGo among several others.Focus on Ad Manager. The reported focus of the investigation is Google Ad Manager. Google Ad Manager is the combination of DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange, which were rebranded in 2018. Google acquired DoubleClick in 2007 for more than $3 billion.The core inquiry, according to the report, revolves around two related issues:Google’s integration of its ad server and ad exchangeGoogle’s decision to require advertisers to use its own tools to buy ad space on YouTubeGoogle says server-exchange merger creates ‘better experience.’ Some of Google’s rivals contend that the company has too much power “over the mo…

2 Best YouTube Rank Checker Tools (Free + Paid)

Looking to check the ranking of your YouTube videos? Want to track YouTube video ranking positions for a specific keyword? If your answer is yes, a good YouTube rank tracker is all you need. In this resource, I will be sharing some of the best, and reliable YouTube rank tracker tools that you can use […]2 Best YouTube Rank Checker Tools (Free + Paid) is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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How to create amazing infographics

CopyPress has a defined process on how to create amazing infographics for their clients. With a little effort, you can follow their breadcrumbs and create amazing infographics of your own!To start, they segment the process into three groups: the business team, the graphic design team, and of course the audience who consumes the infographic. None of these people approach infographics in the same way, which can lead to miscommunication and potentially a bad customer experience.This white paper will demystify these three roles to help you and your team create something your audience will love. By following these steps, all teams should be able to work together to turn your infographics from tolerable to top-sharers.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download“How to Create Amazing Infographics,” from CopyPress.The post How to create amazing infographics appeared first on Marketing Land.

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