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Facebook buys AR startup building a 1:1 digital map of the physical world

Facebook has reportedly acquired Scape Technologies, a UK augmented reality (AR) startup. TechCrunch estimated the purchase price might be around $40 million. If Scape were just another AR company, the news wouldn’t be that interesting or potentially significant — but it isn’t.3D mapping the physical world. Scape’s technology is about creating a 1:1 digital representation of the physical world — it’s as much a mapping company as an AR startup. It’s seeking to build an infrastructure for the next-generation of “spatial-computing devices,” which includes wearables, autonomous vehicles and other devices.Scape wants to make any physical location or place capable of displaying AR content. The challenge has been location precision. So Scape has created 3D renderings of the world with location precision that doesn’t rely on current location technologies like cell-tower triangulation, GPS or reverse IP targeting. The company claims its visual-positioning system “provides centimeter-level loca…

How to set up SEO on WordPress [Video]

When you create a website, the goal is to share your products, services, or information with as many people as possible. And to do that, you need people to visit your website and see what it has to offer. However, when you make a new website, it won’t automatically show up on the first page of Google results. You have to use SEO to get there, and we’re going to show you how to do that with WordPress.Watch the 15-minute video here, or read the text below. In this video, you will learn how to setup WordPress SEO in 2020.Why is SEO important?SEO strategies take search engine algorithms into account, helping you build your website’s authority and visibility. SEO is a must-have for any successful digital marketing strategy, whether you are using WordPress or any other platform.Is WordPress good for SEO?WordPress has been one of the most popular website builders for many years. It started as a blogging platform, but in the last few years, it has become more and more popular as a website pla…

How to Install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate with Apache on Ubuntu

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for an Apache server running on Ubuntu 18.04. I’ve created a droplet on DigitalOcean for this example but the steps should be similar AWS and other environments.Install Apache 2Login to your droplet with root (or use sudo with all the following commands).Check if any Ubuntu packages are outdated.apt update Upgrade the outdated packages to the latest version.apt upgrade Install Apache2apt install apache2 Start the Apache Serversystemctl start apache2 Check if the Apache server is runningsystemctl status apache2 Enable the mod_rewrite package for Apachesudo a2enmod rewrite Restart Apachesystemctl restart apache2 Install PHPInstall PHP and restart the Apache server.apt install php libapache2-mod-php systemctl restart apache2 php —version Install the CURL packageInstall Curl and restart Apache serverapt install curl apt install php7.2-curl systemctl restart apache2 Install Let’s Encrypt on ApacheInstall the certb…

LinkWhisper Review + Free Setup Guide (2020) : Get $15 Special Discount

Have you heard of the LinkWhisper WordPress plugin? If you have not, you may have been missing out on improving your WordPress blog internal link structure. Today, In this Linkwhisper review you will learn everything about this popular upcoming WordPress internal link management plugin. Everyone knows that Internal link is one great technique to improve […]LinkWhisper Review + Free Setup Guide (2020) : Get $15 Special Discount is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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