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Soapbox: Who owns revenue in the new buying environment?

The proliferation of digital information has created a new buying environment.As marketers, our historical high performing digital channels are seeing dwindling in results, many of us are going back to the drawing board to re-evaluate our strategies.The pressure is being felt on our sales counterpart as the majority of buyers are now more informed and empowered before they even have the opportunity to enter the equation. Classic sales tactics aren’t resonating and quotas keep becoming more ambitious.We have seen the emergence of a new title that is on the rise at B2B organizations – growth professionals – a hybrid marketing and sales professional.Marketers are in a prime position with their diverse skill set and to evolve into growth roles. The classic sales leader struggles to lead teams in the modern selling environment. The ecosystem has changed too much – buyers have different expectations, storytelling, empathy, psychology and really strong copywriting skills are being basic need…

Keyword Gap Analysis – Strategy + Tools

What is Keyword Gap Analysis? How does finding Keyword Gap help your business? How to perform Keyword Gap Analysis? What are the best Keyword Gap analysis tools? When it comes to keyword research, we have a plethora of Keyword research tools to help us. However, what matters is the technique you are using for researching […]Keyword Gap Analysis – Strategy + Tools is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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California takes on the internet (again) with bill aimed at food-delivery abuses

In May 2019, Google added order online buttons to Google My Business (GMB) restaurant profiles and knowledge panels through partnerships with Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates, and others. This was part of GMB’s broader evolution, from a static directory to an increasingly “transactional” platform.It was convenient for consumers (and the delivery apps) but created problems for many restaurants. So California decided to step in with a new bill (AB 2149) that aims to “protect restaurants from being undercut by food delivery platforms, such as DoorDash, Grub Hub, Postmates and Uber Eats, that make it impossible to build strong customer relationships.”Going after DoorDash et al. The GMB order online call-to-action was implemented without authorization from the restaurant’s, resulting in traffic being siphoned off and compelling restaurants to pay delivery fees to third parties. Delivery apps, under intensifying competitive pressure, have also added restaurants to their directories…

The changing face of search: Dynamic content and experiences that perform

As that last page of the calendar flips over, we’re always reminded to look back, refocus, and prepare for the year ahead. Take yourself back for a moment to the beginning of 2010 – could you even have imagined how much search would change in the last decade?At a macro level, the last decade has brought about a transformation from search as a perfunctory information-finding task to a complex journey with many touchpoints across devices, networks, and channels. Simply browsing has given way to desires for the convenience of instant answers. As social media has been plagued by “fake news” and rampant misinformation, search has proven far more effective at crowdsourcing the verification of data, whether it’s business location information, answers to informational questions, claims about products, and more.In fact, ten years ago marketers were hard-pressed to get their messaging in front of people who actually wanted to hear it. Today, over 60% of people expect brands to give them the inf…

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