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InVideo’s AI-powered editor automates video creation process

The video creation platform InVideo has released a video editing tool that uses artificial intelligence to automate the video creation process. InVideo’s “Intelligent Video Assistant” comes with real-time design suggestions on font choices, animations and color palates, and an auto-correct assistant feature to avoid technical design mistakes.“Our Grammarly-like editor means no more time wasted over common technical mistakes or frustrating visual design decisions. We’re using AI to automate the entire video-making process,” said InVideo CEO Sanket Shah in a release announcing the tool.InVideo’s new video-editing tool includes:Video-formatting capabilities for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and WhatsApp.A video and picture library with more than 3,000 designs and premium templates.Subscription pricing range from $10 to $30 a month.Why we careHigh-quality video production comes at a cost, from the resources and talent it takes to produce polished videos to the platforms needed to …

How to make the most of Google’s “People also ask” results

Google’s “People also ask” boxes are widely discussed within the SEO industry as they take a lot of SERP real estate while providing little to no organic visibility to the publishers’ sites.That said, “People also ask” listings are probably helpful for Google’s users allowing them to get a better understanding of a topic they are researching. Yet, whether they do send actual clicks to publishers’ pages remains a huge question.While we have no power over Google’s search engine page elements, our job as digital marketers is to find ways to take any opportunity to boost our clients’ organic visibility.Is there any way for marketers to utilize this search feature better? Let’s see.1. Understand your target query intent betterOne of the cooler aspects of “People also ask” boxes is that they are dynamic.When you click one question, it will take you in a new direction by generating more follow-up questions underneath. Each time you choose, you get more to choose from.The coolest thing though…

 Awesome Mac Apps and Utilities - 2020 Edition

Whether you are a new Mac user or a seasoned veteran looking to do even more amazing things on your Mac, check out this updated collection of lesser-known but awesome Mac Apps of 2020. The majority of apps listed here are free and they’ll appeal to general Mac users, not just the techie crowd.The Best  Mac Apps & UtilitiesThis collection of essential Mac Apps includes mostly lesser-known apps so the popular ones — like Evernote, Dropbox, Skype, OneNote, or Google Drive — aren’t listed here. Also, all the apps here are compatible with Yosemite and Catalina, the current version of Mac OS.Wherever possible, I have included the Mac App Store links because the store not only makes it easy for you to install apps on your Mac but, in the case of paid apps, you also have an option for requesting refunds.Let’s get started.Magnet - A perfect windows management app for Mac that lets you move and resize windows with configurable keyboard shortcuts. You can move windows between multiple displ…

See how agencies are putting data-driven marketing to work

By gathering rich, relevant data on consumer behavior and demographics, businesses can target their leads and customers on a far more personal level, optimizing their engagement rates while ensuring a positive brand experience.But delivering on this data-driven expectation can present a number of challenges – particularly for digital agencies, whose clients are throwing unprecedented amounts of data in their direction.In an effort to find out how agencies are overcoming some of these obstacles, SharpSpring partnered with Ascend2 to field the Data-Driven Marketing Trends Survey. This paper draws on those results to offer an in-depth view of the challenges involved in successful data-driven marketing as well as the many ways in which agencies are helping their clients stay ahead of the curve.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download Data-Driven Marketing: Let Your Data Take the Wheel.”

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Here’s why you should join us at MarTech

Get more out of your marketing technology, teams, and data: Attend The MarTech Conference, April 15-17 in San Jose!Learn from senior-level marketers who have overcome the universal complex marketing challenges you face every day. Tactic-rich sessions include:Account-Based Marketing: How Martech Can Help You Get More Engagement And RevenueBenchmark Your Multi-channel Marketing Technology Stack To Thrive In 2020 And BeyondHow Tech-Enabled SLAs Foster Positive Collaboration Across Marketing, Sales, And ServiceEfficient And Unified Enterprise Workflow To Enable MarketingDriving Sales Performance With A State-Of-The-Art Data & Tech Orchestration StrategyPlatform, Processes, Or People? How To Diagnose And Heal Your Martech PainMaking The Switch: Seamlessly Migrating Marketing Platforms In 4 Easy Steps…and loads more.The agenda features 65+ (and counting!) presentations across five tracks: Marketing Operations, Marketing Data, Marketing Technology, Marketing Operations, and Marketing Sol…