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Showing posts from February 22, 2020

Microsoft Edge adds Safari’s ITP rules so the video, comment embeds on your site can function more easily

Microsoft’s Edge announced on Twitter Friday that an implementation of Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) is now shipping in its staging (Canary) nightly build for minor tweaks before going into production. The latest version of Edge will include Safari’s Storage Access API which enables third-party widgets on your site to function properly.With Safari’s most recent update to ITP, website API calls to hasStorageAccess() respond conditionally with a boolean value of “false” in third party contexts by default or “true” when there are explicit first-party user interaction permission settings to allow first party access to cookies and local storage data access in third party contexts.Why we care. The most likely scenario for these calls is where an embedded third-party widget, like YouTube or Facebook, should be able to provide authenticated video players and comment dialogs by accessing cookies and local device storage through APIs. Without access, these embeds will not be ab…

Social shorts: Facebook launches Pinterest lookalike app, Instagram tests ‘Latest Posts’ feature, Snapchat could be getting a new look

This collection of social media marketing and new hire announcements is a compilation of the past week’s briefs from our daily Marketing Land newsletter.Click here to subscribeand get more news like this delivered to your inbox every morning.Facebook looks to improve speech technology and Twitter’s latest effort to fight misinformationFacebook’s “Pronunciations” program aimed at speech recognition tech. In an attempt to improve its speech recognition technology, Facebook is recruiting users to be part of its “Pronunciation” program connected to the company’s Viewpoints market research app. Facebook is asking qualifying participants to record the phrase “Hey Portal” followed by the name of a friend from their friends list. Users who qualify to be part of the program will earn up to $5 for voice recordings, reports The Verge. The $5 payment is earned via points collected within the Viewpoints app, and the program is open to U.S. users over the age of 18 who have, at least, 75 connection…

Wipro Digital buys customer experience firm Rational Interactive

Wipro Digital, the digital business unit of the global IT company Wipro Limited, has acquired Rational Interactive, a full-service digital customer experience company.Rational Interactive will continue to grow and service its clients as it integrates with Wipro, according to the announcement, and there are no plans to reduce Rational’s staff.Why we careCMOs and marketing leads across industries are being charged with customer journey initiatives, with marketing organizations taking more ownership over the total customer experience. Digital service firms like Wipro are looking to build out their customer experience capabilities to be better equipped when helping CMOs address CX challenges and digital transformation initiatives.“This acquisition comes at a time when companies increasingly compete solely on CX, and the market for CX spending is growing exponentially,” said Wipro President Rajan Kohli, pointing out that it’s not only about client needs, but also a way for digital service …