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Showing posts from February 24, 2020

BlueVenn adds native email component to its CDP platform

The customer data platform BlueVenn is launching an email component to its platform, giving users the ability to create email marketing campaigns without using an external email solution that integrates with the the CDP platform.“Email is still a batch and blast marketing tool, disconnected from other online and offline channels,” said BlueVenn CEO Steve Klin, “This new functionality ensures that marketers can evolve a multi-channel methodology.”Why we careBy building its own email function, BlueVenn’s CDP is able to sync customer data and events from offline interactions and purchases within its new email channel — boosting personalization capabilities.There is also the added benefit of being able to unify multiple email addresses for a user. “Email marketing platforms generally rely on an email address as a unique identifier, which can present problems when a single customer has multiple email addresses,” explains Chris Hayes, BlueVenn’s VP of engineering, “Having your email marketi…

Display and search advertising: Top three strategies to expand your audience across channels

Omnichannel advertising can be complicated. Digital marketers today have an unlimited number of tools at their disposal to get their message in front of the right audience through search advertising and others. While your channels or tactics may change, the goal of all marketers remains the same – to grow your brand and build your business.But how do you know which channel or channels to use to achieve these goals? Many marketers with smaller advertising budgets start with paid search as the first channel to target, because of the simplicity of setting up a PPC campaign in Google Ads. There are no creative assets or media buyer required, and no fancy technology to learn or understand. Search also has advanced targeting abilities, offering companies the chance to get in front of in-market shoppers the minute they start their search. And the results of search campaigns are quantifiable, with insights into exactly which terms are resonating most.Programmatic display advertising, on the o…