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Vimeo Create launches to give SMBs access to video marketing tools

Vimeo has moved its Vimeo Create marketing platform out of beta to offer SMB marketers a full suite of video marketing tools. The platform includes video creation tools, “smart” editing features, unlimited stock video and photo content and the ability to automatically tailor videos for individual social platforms (“creating videos in every format and ratio”). Why we care Video is a key ingredient for any complete social marketing strategy, but many SMB marketers do not have the resources to produce effective video ads. Vimeo recently surveyed 1,000 SMB marketers and found that only 22% believed they were using enough video in their marketing efforts, citing time, cost and complexity as the biggest obstacle to creating a video strategy. Vimeo Create is designed to give SMB marketers affordable access to a video marketing platform. The company is offering a free trial of Vimeo Create, but marketers will need the Vimeo Pro subscription, which costs $20 per month in order to save and s

A look at performance post Google’s average position sunset: Top vs side

Average position as a metric has been retired since the end of September. This is a big change since for years clients, agencies, and any advertiser has always had at least a little bit of vanity management. By that I mean, everyone at some point submitted a bid with the sole goal of being “number one” and not any actual business metric. This change was implemented to acknowledge that the average position is not meaningful when you are in a world of personalized search. Stopping vanity bidding is just a beneficial side effect. I wanted to take a look at some data, specifically CPC and CTR, to see how performance varies for top and side positions. I also wanted to look at how these metrics vary on vs. Search partners. What I found were some very interesting insights that might impact how you think about your campaigns. When it comes to the differences between Google and it’s partners and top vs. other the keys are: Google top vs. other has the biggest differences when it

AAWP Plugin Review: How to Setup? Pros/Cons & More

Are you using the Amazon affiliate program? Are you wondering how can you make more money as an Amazon affiliate? Just like you, I often use Amazon associate program to make money from my blog. For long, I wondered how can I make the same or more money as the top Amazon affiliates make. Of […] AAWP Plugin Review: How to Setup? Pros/Cons & More is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires from ShoutMeLoud

Orchestrate B2B business processes around buying groups to deliver more revenue

Everyone knows there’s more than one decision-maker in a complex B2B sale. But too often, companies don’t have insights into what the broader buying group is thinking and doing because they don’t have the right processes in place. As a result, revenue suffers. Join Forrester’s Kerry Cunningham and Openprise’s Allen Pogorzelski to hear how you can orchestrate your business processes to get a more robust picture of the individuals behind your target accounts, and automate those processes at scale. Register today for “Orchestrating B2B Business Processes around Buying Groups to Deliver More Revenue,” presented by Openprise. The post Orchestrate B2B business processes around buying groups to deliver more revenue appeared first on Marketing Land . via Marketing Land

3 tips for optimizing paid social campaigns for seasonality

Planning your paid social campaigns well ahead of your peak periods — whether seasonal, holiday or promotional — help ensure you hit your goals. Michelle Stinson Ross , marketing operations director at Apogee Results, offered tips on how advertisers can get the most out of seasonal social ads at SMX West in San Jose last week. As part of a deep focus on digital commerce marketing, speakers discussed ways social commerce and shoppable media are transforming the way online retailers approach digital marketing. Stay top of mind “Paid social sits much higher in your sales funnel than paid search does. Just think about it… Are human beings really able to search for something they’ve never heard of before? No, probably not,” said Stinson Ross. It’s the reason why paid social advertisers need to be thinking about social in the same vein as “old school” forms of mass media: newspapers, radio, or television. “These are all exposures to audiences that may have never heard of us,” she added

Dun & Bradstreet launches in-market audience targeting for B2B marketers

Data and analytics provider Dun & Bradstreet has launched D&B Buyer Intent, a platform that claims to highlight when companies are ready to buy a range of B2B products and services. To do that, the system analyzes web engagements and uses natural language processing and applies a buying score that indicates customer engagement with different content across the buyer journey. Why we care Identifying early-stage buying intent signals can help businesses prioritize leads and refine their ABM strategies to shorten sales cycles. Instead of relying on domain-based targeting as part of an ABM strategy, Dun & Bradstreet says D&B Buyer Intent can be more precise by targeting based on buying locations and signals matched to a firm’s unique Dun & Bradstreet’s D-U-N-S Number. Many ad platforms — Google, Microsoft, Facebook — offer in-market audience targeting, with audiences based on their search and/or web activity among other signals. Dun & Bradstreet’s Intent soluti