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10 reasons to attend SMX Advanced

Elite search marketers like you never rest on their laurels… being the best requires constant training to stay top of the latest tactics, trends, and technologies. Perfect your SEO and SEM skills at Search Marketing Expo – SMX Advanced, the only conference designed with search marketing pros in mind.Here are 10 reasons you should join us June 8-10 in Seattle:Unbiased, trustworthy content. SMX Advanced is programmed by the experts at Search Engine Land, the publication of record for search marketers — that means the content you get will be authoritative, actionable, and fresh. The agenda will be live soon… for now, get a sneak peek at the brand-new, two-day SEO for Developers track!Invaluable connections. Networking is a cornerstone of SMX. Get ready to meet prospective clients, partners — even future talent — and discuss innovative ways to overcome common marketing challenges. PLUS, you’ll celebrate the best in search at the 2020 Search Engine Land Awards!100% white hat. Speakers are …

Martech Minute: Thunderhead’s ThunderBay, Piano’s new DMP, Zoom helps China

Our MarTech Minute briefs first appear in the MarTech Today daily newsletter. Click here to subscribe so that you can start your day “in the know” for all things martech-related.THE PERFECT JOURNEY (MAYBE): Customer journey orchestration platform Thunderhead has released ThunderBay, a new suite of AI-powered journey-based capabilities. Why we care: Thunderhead’s updated CX tools aim to help marketers better analyze the customer journey at scale and activate the results — the question is whether or not this CX platform and all others promising AI-powered capabilities can deliver a complete and holistic view of the customer, and then act on it in real-time. Source: ThunderheadWELCOME TO THE PARTY: Piano, a subscription data management and CX solutions provider, announced the launch of Piano Zero, a zero-party and first-party data management platform (DMP) that enables GDPR and CCPA compliance initiatives. Why we care: As privacy regulations continue to expand and consumers increase ad b…

Social learning: How to optimize your Facebook PPC campaign

For many of us, social media is a mysterious and ever-changing corner of the internet. Networks rise and fall at rapid rates, but one always seems to stay at the forefront of our minds. It’s clear that Facebook is the place to be, and 2.26 billion users may feel inclined to agree. If you feel like you’re not getting the most out of Facebook PPC ads (or are too afraid to take the plunge right now), you may have asked yourself how effective campaigns can take place through the social network. As the data shows, Facebook is only a narrow second-place to YouTube in terms of popularity among US audiences, and the world-renowned social network is twice as popular as its nearest like-for-like competitor. (Image:LYFE Marketing)Naturally, this means that your PPC campaigns will be accessible for more users if utilized on the pages of Facebook. If your business has serious ambitions focused on attaining more customers or scaling as efficiently as possible, it’s certainly worth looking at buildi…

6 reasons why your agency should offer SEO

With the widespread accessibility of the internet, digital marketing has become more important than ever. Companies, especially small businesses, want a marketing partner that can help them take advantage of this online resource. That means providing search engine optimization services.Not every digital marketing agency is comfortable selling SEO. After all, online content creation is a very different beast from web design or PPC management. However, taking the leap is essential to your and your clients’ success. Search engine optimization plays a major role in companies’ visibility, which means you’re doing clients a disservice if you don’t offer it.This white paper from Boostability covers six reasons why you should offer SEO as a digital marketing partner. Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “Why Should Digital Marketing Agencies Offer SEO.”

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Soapbox: What if I told you PDF’s biggest moment is yet to come?

This year the PDF celebrates 27 years of digital circulation, making it a digital relic. But looking at the traditional benefits in light of newer innovations, the PDF still offers an edge for content creators.Let’s start with the basics: PDF is reliable. It will always look the same down to the last design pixel no matter what operating system or device you’re using.But the core of the file format’s strength lies in the psychology of its user experience. The format mimics a physical file, allowing users to store it in their digital file cabinet. This lends credibility and longevity to the content that a webpage simply cannot offer.And while many point to SEO as the ultimate reason to ditch this format, PDF optimization is actually an untapped opportunity. Many marketers don’t realize that many of the same indexing rules apply to PDFs as they do to web pages – as long as they are opened in-browser.Opening PDFs in-browser has become the new norm, offering new ways to target and measure…

Soapbox: Brand authority is the most underrated marketing goal

Everyone understands the value of increased organic traffic or a higher rate of conversions. That’s because these metrics are closest to the money.But some top-of-the-funnel rewards for creating high-quality content can contribute a significant amount to your growth, and they center around your brand’s perception.Brand awareness is often recognized, but that’s the first step. Brand authority comes next and deserves more credit.And I’m not just talking about in the context of E-A-T (Expertise-Authority-Trust) and YMYL (Your Money Your Life) pages. I’m talking about building your overall brand authority, which of course still involves creating authoritative content written by authoritative people.But having this zoomed-out brand perspective allows you to strategize a little differently and recognize wins that are often ignored.Ask yourself: Is your brand addressing the most appropriate topics in its on-site content? Are you using data to back up these claims? Do other authoritative sour…

Amazon and digital commerce top traditional retailers in satisfaction scores

Last week, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) released its latest Retail and Consumer Shipping Report. Based on more than 85,000 consumer surveys, the study looks at satisfaction in a range of retail categories: department and discount stores, specialty retailers, drug stores, supermarkets, internet retail and gas stations.Costco and Amazon tied. Amazon and Costco tied for highest satisfaction scores, topping all others on the list. But “internet retail” (digital commerce) as a category beat traditional retail in overall customer satisfaction. This makes intuitive sense, given that consumers have shifted more of their shopping online because of convenience and the often lackluster quality of in-store retail experiences.The survey found “no improvement among the brick-and-mortar categories,” but did observe however that “the customer satisfaction bleeding for traditional retailers has stopped.” By comparison, there was year-over-year improvement for digital commerce, refle…