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MarTech Minute: LiveRamp launches Safe Haven, mParticle gets $45M boost

Our MarTech Minute briefs first appear in the MarTech Today daily newsletter. Click here to subscribe so that you can start your day “in the know” for all things martech-related.PARTNER UP. Identity resolution platform LiveRamp has launched Safe Haven, a permission-enabled data solution that makes it possible for brands, retailers and media networks to share data with partners in a way that prioritizes privacy and user-consent. Why we care: Privacy regulations are making data-sharing relationships difficult if not impossible. A solution like Safe Haven could help overcome the challenges of identity resolution within such partnerships. Source: LiveRampMO’ MONEY, MORE ENGAGEMENT. Customer data platform mParticle has raised $45 million in Series D funding, bringing its total funding to $120 million. The investment will be put toward product development and key partnerships, starting with LiveRamp. Why we care: The added funds will likely boost mParticle’s technology capabilities. The add…

4 Best Banner Ad Maker Software & Services To Create Banner Ads

As you move ahead in your journey as a digital marketer, one of the thing you may encounter every now and then is: How to make banner ads? These days, Creating conversion optimized banner ads is no more a challenge, thank to “done for you services” and plethora of online banner maker software and tools. […]4 Best Banner Ad Maker Software & Services To Create Banner Ads is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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Email martech consolidation shows just how important deliverability is

While a spate of recent acquisitions in the email martech sector indicates a growing demand for these technologies and services, the consolidation of different toolsets suggests vendors are starting to understand that email marketers need far more from their technology.Last week, customer data solutions provider Validity announced plans to buy email marketing analytics and deliverability platform 250ok — the second email analytics acquisition by Validity in less than a year.The company, which owns a number of customer data management tools, also acquired Return Path in May 2019, adding the cloud-based email deliverability platform to its suite of data products. And last October, email marketing platform SparkPost notably bought eDataSource in a push to combine email analytics, deliverability, reputation management solutions with sending, measurement and inbox reporting capabilities under its own umbrella.We already know email marketers are balancing the traditional optimization work l…

How To Delete Old Tweets, RT’s, Likes Or Twitter History Archive?

Do you wish to start using twitter like it is a new day? Do you wish to delete a few embarrassing tweets, like, retweets? And why now, no one has ever started using a social networking website with a play book. It is only with time, we realize that our updates on social networking sites […]How To Delete Old Tweets, RT’s, Likes Or Twitter History Archive? is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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Fake and inaccurate reviews driving billions in ‘wasted’ consumer spending [Report]

American consumers said they wasted $125, on average, in 2019 due to inaccurate reviews, a new report finds. If we extrapolate that across the adult population, as much as $25 billion in U.S. consumer spending has been wasted due to inaccurate (or fake) online reviews.The report portrays a kind of dissonance or ambivalence among consumers, who continue to rely very heavily on reviews but are also increasingly wary of their authenticity or credibility.Rise of reliance on reviews. The study, commissioned by reviews platform TrustPilot, was based on a survey of more than 6,300 adult internet users in the U.S., UK and France in December 2019 and carried out by UK-based research firm Canvas8.Top factors compelling consumers to purchase from a company ranked by the rate of incidence of inclusion in consumers’ top three choices.Source: Trustpilot-Canvas8 (2020) Against the backdrop of a decline in trust toward brands and the media, the study found that 48% of U.S. consumers are relying more h…