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Tell us: How are you pivoting during the COVID-19 crisis?

The massive disruption of COVID-19 is forcing many of us to pivot and rethink everything we do. And right now, everyone in our community needs fresh ideas on how to manage every aspect of this overwhelming situation.That’s where you come in. We’re looking for tips on how to work through the varied challenges so we can learn from each other and offer some hope for control (even if small) during this uncertain time.Share your creative thinking on managing your work – it can be client-facing or something you’ve tried with your staff.We’ll highlight the best on our site and include an excerpt in our newsletter.Here is an outline to follow:Concisely describe the challenge (big or small, we’re interested in it)Explain the solution – and make it easy to followShare how the solution impacted your work (even if only in a small way)If you would like to contribute your ideas, please fill out this form.The post Tell us: How are you pivoting during the COVID-19 crisis? appeared first on Marketing …

Search specialist shares five ways to adapt your search strategy in uncertain times

The events of the last few weeks have had a dramatic effect on millions of people’s lives. Uncertainty over health, childcare, work, food and the wellbeing of loved ones has dominated all of our thinking over the past few days.Not only has it changed the way we’re shopping and interacting with others, an expert at online search specialist Epiphany, Paul Norris, has looked at how it has impacted what users are turning to the internet for and advises how businesses can adapt their search strategy during this tricky time.The Prime Minister’s speech on 13th March 2020 served as a catalyst for many to search for “working from home essentials” with searches such as computer chairs increasing by 185%.As a nation, we also considered our options for emergency deliveries, including “wine delivery” services, which nearly tripled in just one week.As people’s searches change to reflect new (increasingly home-based and socially distant) situations, it’s important that marketers adapt to the shifts …

Did you know that users’ gazes follow a pinball pattern?

Adopt a dog. How to care for a dog. Buy dog food. Unique searches that generate different layouts and types of displays. The inconsistencies in search results pages are forcing users to review the page before jumping in and making a decision. This results in the uncovering of a “pinball pattern” in eye movement. This eye-catching trend (pun intended) is one of many trends you’ll uncover in MarTech Today’s Enterprise SEO Tools for Content Marketing, Search Intelligence, UX and More. Our free, downloadable guide looks at the trends SEOs and vendors are adapting to. It also features 20 in-depth SEO platform company profiles and the software they offer, including a discussion of the latest functionality that distinguishes the leaders from the stragglers.
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MarTech Minute: Acquia’s low-code rollout, Blueshift adds data dashboard

Our MarTech Minute briefs first appear in the MarTech Today daily newsletter. Click here to subscribe so that you can start your day “in the know” for all things martech-related.LOW-CODE, NO PROBLEM. Acquia yesterday unveiled its Acquia Cohesion platform, which gives users low-code options for editing Drupal sites. The add-on will be available for select customers of its cloud platform. Why we care. We’ve heard Scott Brinker talk about the upcoming impact of no-code developers on the future of martech. In fact, there is a whole class of marketing technologist archetypes devoted to those “makers” in the marketing organization who are going to take all of this technology at their disposal and create great experiences and applications. Acquia’s platform gives them more ammo to use. Source: AcquiaCRYSTAL BALL: Blueshift has unveiled a new element for its “Predictive Intelligence Studio” that creates expected channel engagement scores and displays them in a single dashboard so users can be…

5 critical elements for local marketing success

MarTech Today’s “Local Marketing Solutions for Multi-Location Businesses” reviews the growing market for local marketing solutions and the 5 critical elements for local marketing success:Listing managementLocal SEOLocal landing pagesReputation managementPaid search and social mediaThe 63-page report discusses each of these campaign elements in more detail and reviews the latest trends, opportunities and challenges for brands marketing locally. Also included are profiles of 17 leading local marketing solution vendors, pricing charts, capabilities comparisons and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing. Visit Digital Marketing Depot to get your copy.

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Small agencies brace for impact, but say remote work isn’t slowing them down

Small agency leaders are feeling skeptical about the near-term even as they express confidence in their teams’ ability to work remotely amid the coronavirus outbreak.That’s according to a survey of 250 predominantly small agencies (fewer than 30 employees) around the world between Wednesday, Mar. 18 and Tuesday, Mar. 24. It was conducted by Ad World Masters, a platform that matches agencies and clients.Internal impact on agenciesMore than 90% of those working at agencies in North America and Europe were working remotely. When asked how prepared they were to work remotely on a scale of one to 10 with one being “not prepared” and 10 being “totally ready,” the average answer was 8.5. More than 40% answered with a 10.Remote Work Challenges for AgenciesSource: Ad World Masters (March 2020). Just over a third (34.2%) said the communication and teamwork was one of the main challenges of remote working, with particular mention that in-progress communication is easier and more spontaneous in pe…

Pinterest rolls out new commerce features for retailers as search volume climbs

Retailers on Pinterest will now have more ways to be discovered as the platform introduces new shopping features aimed at bringing products to where users are most likely to shop. Pinterest announced the new features Thursday, including the launch of the Verified Merchant Program, new conversion reporting capabilities, dynamic retargeting options, and updates to product Catalogs.What’s newVerified Merchant Program. Pinterest will now allow retailers on the platform to be verified, making their products eligible for distribution across Pinterest shopping experiences, including ‘Shop the Look’ Pins and related product carousels. Verified Merchants will have a blue checkmark badge on their profiles, and will be eligible for “high-intent shopping experiences and metrics like conversion reporting,” Pinterest said. The program has been in beta testing since last month and is now rolling out broadly. Retailers interested in signing up for the program can do so at…