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Expert tips for hiring or recruiting marketers during coronavirus

For so many businesses, now is just not the time to think about hiring. But that doesn’t mean you should stop recruiting.While the COVID-19 outbreak has caused an unprecedented surge in unemployment — 22 million Americans have filed for jobless claims already — recruiter and martech expert Erica Siedel says organizations who are in the position to hire now have an opportunity to build strong teams, even if it means recruiting and interviewing digitally.“Some of your dream people will be open now,” said Seidel, executive recruiter and founder of The Connective Good, acknowledging the sad reality of layoffs and furloughs in the marketing community.With so many people out of work, now is the time to upgrade your teams if you have the financial ability to do so. And if you don’t, Seidel recommends at least doing the recruiting now. See if those “dream” people you have been following are suddenly available. Create a relationship with them that could pay off when your hiring ability opens b…

Seven tips to sharpen your writing skills and copywriting technique

30-second summary:A great way to practice your headlines is to find a subject, article idea, or ad online, and write headlines for it, and try to write a better headline than the one that’s already there.Don’t let style overcome content – we all need to infuse a little personality into our copy, but don’t let it become so over-styled that your audience loses interest.Take one of your finished pieces and rewrite it for a different audience. If it was written for young adults, rewrite it for retirees, if it was for Americans try and make it more British or Australian.It’s important to realize that site visitors and customers appreciate CTAs as well, as many of them are looking for information and a solution to a problem.Until you’re super tuned-in to your own voice, read your work aloud whenever you finish a piece. This will help you spot areas that don’t flow and areas that don’t feel conversational.When writing content for another website or blog, having expert content featured within…

How to keep your marketing teams productive, remotely

30-second summary:Digital marketing is hard to organize, even in perfect conditions. There are hundreds of micro-tasks involved which are hard to report and account for. It is incredibly hard to handle it all from home, where there are dozens of distractions to deal with.Working from home will take some time adjusting. So take some time. It is a stressful time for everyone, don’t take extra stress by trying to be as productive as you used to be when working from home. Accepting change makes it easier to create a new normal.With all of us having moved to working from home, we now have more meetings than we used to in the office. Those meetings can be very fast (10-15 minutes) but they are incredibly helpful for fighting loneliness and keeping the team in the loop.With your marketing teams operating from home, you need to make sure news gets timely to them. And not just big company news. Your marketing teams needs to be aware of new leads coming in, clients leaving, unhappy customers, n…