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How to build a martech stack for this era — and whatever comes next

“Beginning last month, we pivoted, and we pivoted a lot,” said David Miller, head of product marketing for Acoustic, “We relaunched whole sections of our website — brand new content — we moved faster than we ever thought possible.”How was Acoustic’s team able to make such a massive pivot at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak? According to Miller, it was because his team had the forethought to put the right technology partners in place when they built their stack last July after Acoustic split from IBM’s Watson Marketing division and became a standalone company.“We used content management systems. CRM integration. We had campaigns running. We built landing pages. We implemented behavior analytics — a lot of that was our own stack from Acoustic, but lots of other technologies as well.”Related: Get the Martech Replacement Survey.During Miller’s Discover MarTech presentation “Implications of a New World on Your Martech Stack and Processes,” he and his colleague Loren McDonald, Acoustic’s …

Microsoft Advertising UI: What’s new (so far)

Microsoft Advertising (formally Bing Ads) has come a long way in the last year as they rebrand the advertising platform and look to let everyone know they are still an option. Plus a refresh of the Advertising Editor was a welcome change last year as well.What has been the biggest change since last year is updating the new UI within the ad manager itself. This UI update does not include the Microsoft Merchant Center platform, which is still only accessible through the old UI. However, you can still import from Google into Microsoft and that should not change when the Merchant Center gets an update.Bulk operations are also not available in the new UI but hopefully that change will come sooner rather than later. Changing any ad manager, let alone one that has stood the test of time is not an easy feat. Shout out to the Microsoft PM working on this because I can only imagine how hard this change is and all the code and backend fixes that need updating.So what has changed is what you want…

Facebook expands test for in-stream ads on Live

Facebook is expanding its test of in-stream ads in Facebook Live to more verticals, including “pre-vetted entertainment, news and sports partners,” the company announced this week. The test is designed to help evaluate whether or not the ad format is effective before rolling it out more broadly.For now, Facebook is piloting in-stream ads with only a select number of publishers. The limited test will help determine if pre-vetted content creators are able to successfully monetize their live video streams with in-stream ads.How it works. When watching Live content from a creator included in the test, viewers might see a range of ad formats, including:A pre-roll ad that runs before the live streamAn image ad that appears below the live streamA mid-roll ad that plays in the main video player during the live stream while the broadcast continues playing in a shrunken windowAds play in the main video player during the live stream. Source: FacebookBrand safety controls for advertisers. When se…