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YouTube Select: YouTube’s new premium advertising program adds connected TV targeting

YouTube has relaunched its premium advertising program, now called YouTube Select. The company made the announcement ahead of its Brandcast upfront presentation to advertisers next month.YouTube Select rolls up the program formerly known as Google Preferred and connected TV viewing into a global offering. Google Preferred allowed advertisers in select markets to target the top 5% of video content in certain categories and was largely focused on the U.S., though it was also available in Canada, the UK and Australia.Lineups. YouTube Select packages content in what it calls lineups that are tailored by market for topics such as beauty & fashion, entertainment, technology, sports and more.An offering called emerging lineups, designed to offer “expanded reach,” will feature content in up and coming or niche channels. They’ll be available in the U.S. only to start and include brand suitability controls.Custom sponsorships and programs. are also available to help brands target audiences …

See who’s keynoting SMX Next

Next month, thousands of search marketers from around the world will log online for SMX Next, a free virtual event designed to equip you with actionable SEO and SEM tactics that can drive more traffic, leads, and sales.Join us June 23-24 to access more than 30 sessions from leaders in search marketing technology, actionable insights from senior-level search marketers, and four, just-announced keynotes from the Search Engine Land experts you know and trust:Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how emerging technology and advancements in search platforms are changing what it means to be a tactical and effective search marketer… today and into the future.Register now for a free virtual learning event you can enjoy from the comfort and safety of your home computer!The post See who’s keynoting SMX Next appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Why brands should consider audio marketing as consumers settle into life at home

While consumers are settling into their new routines of life at home, consumption habits are shifting dramatically across digital mediums. For the first time in history, we are seeing a decline in live TV viewership during a crisis. Typically, natural disasters or public crises are a driving force behind rising time spent with live TV, but not in this instance. In its place, consumers are turning to mobile now more than ever to stay connected and informed through social media, radio, and podcasts.Nielsen estimates that Americans are spending just shy of 12 hours each day with media platforms. With hundreds of millions sheltering at home, listening behaviors are beginning to change.Genre choice reflects listeners’ attitudesFor podcasts, in particular, downloads are up. The industry saw the highest number of downloads within a five-day period in mid-March. Listeners have shifted categories and are spending more time with news programs, resulting in a 30% increase in downloads. Contrary …

Ecommerce and SEO: Past, present, and post COVID-19

30-second summary:Ecommerce is suddenly a reality for millions of businesses who may not have had online selling on their radar prior to COVID-19.Consumers in most countries are cutting back on discretionary spending as optimism for economic recovery has fallen. Groceries, household supplies, personal care, and entertainment are among the categories in which consumers plan to maintain spending.In this post, we’ll take a look at the current state and how businesses will need to adapt their ecommerce and SEO strategy to succeed post-COVID-19 (whatever that may end up looking like). As countries including the USA head into phased reopening, countless questions remain about the business landscape ahead. Will changes in consumer behaviour persist and if so, to what degree? Is there a second wave coming that will derail recovery efforts and send consumers back into lockdown? How can you plan for recovery when no one really knows quite what “recovery” means?In the face of such uncertainty, on…

Maximizing local SEO: Five tactics to enhance visibility without breaking the bank

30-second summary:With Google frequently changing its search engine algorithm in recent times in a bid to reduce the organic reach of most businesses so they can invest more in Ads, what are the options left for your small business in this period?According to GoGulf, 46% of all Google searches are of people searching for local information, and 86% of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps.If Local SEO is that effective, what is it, and why should your business rely on it?In this article, I will examine basic things that still work like adding your business to online directories, building backlinks, developing local content targeted at your local audience, incorporating titles and meta description tags, and the use of targeted keywords. SEO changes all the time. That’s why you need to update yourSEO strategiesregularly to remain visible. According to thisarticle, 72% of consumers visit a store within 5 miles after doing a local search. This shows how powerful local SEO…

How to Handle GET and POST HTTP Requests in Google Apps Script

With Google Apps Script, you can easily create a Web App that serves HTML, JSON, XML or plain text output using the HTML service. When your publish your Google Script project as a web app, the script gets a public URL (think API) that can be invoked from external applications using either HTTP GET or POST requests with query parameters and request body.When publishing the script as a web app, make sure to choose “Allow anonymous access” and execute the script as yourself. If you edit the script, create a new version inside the script editor and deploy the latest version.Here are some examples that demonstrate how you can convert your Google Script into a web API by adding the doGet and doPost methods to your project.Handling GET RequestsWhen a script is published as a web app, the doGet callback function handles all GET requests made to the script’s public URL. The Google Script can return plain text content, HTML or JSON data as shown in the examples below:Return Text ContentconstdoG…

Are you using the optimal mix of marketing channels?

Most marketers rely on more than one channel to achieve the best possible results from their campaigns. However, new research from PFL and Demand Metric reveals that marketers are not consistently using the most effective channels and multichannel strategies.PFL partnered with Demand Metric to uncover the most effective multichannel marketing strategies and share these insights and benchmarks with you so you can maximize your ROI. Download this benchmark report and learn:The top 3 most effective channels for reaching your target audience.The top 5 multichannel campaign ROI success factors in 2019.The top 4 channels and cadences for influencing the C-Suite.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “Multi-Channel Marketing – Maximizing Program Engagement and ROI.“The post Are you using the optimal mix of marketing channels? appeared first on Marketing Land.

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Why Identity Resolution Platforms are so relevant today

Identity resolution – the science of connecting the growing volume of consumer identifiers to one individual as he or she interacts across channels and devices – has become critical to marketing success, as well as essential for compliance with new consumer privacy laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).Consumer adoption of connected speakers, home management solutions, smart TVs and wearables continues to rise exponentially. The number of devices connected to IP networks is projected to climb to more than three times the global population by 2023, with 3.6 networked devices per capita, according to the Cisco Annual Internet Report, 2018-2023. Consumer share of total connected devices and connections will expand to nearly 75% of the entire market, Cisco predicts, with businesses representing just one quarter of IP devices and connections in 2023.More about Identity ResolutionDownload our buyer's gu…